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Are you ready for a joyful life changing experience? I am Kathleen Golden, your Retirement Coach. Let’s turn your dreams into reality. It will require hard work but together we can make it an enlightening journey. May I coach you while in transition?

As you approach retirement, are you wrestling with any of these issues?

  • Blended families
  • Relocation
  • Grandchildren involvement
  • Volunteer/ part time work
  • Staying healthy
  • Having purpose
  • Staying connected to the world and friends

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What is Retirement Coaching?

The Process

First, you will take a short series of inventory: Skills Inventory, the Riley Guide, Myers and Briggs, Personality Inventory, Emotional Intelligence Test, Chronological Age vs. Real Age, and a Success Profile.

As your coach I will encourage you to prioritize your goals.  I will ask you powerful questions.

Let’s discover what a creative and satisfying retirement will look like on you.

You are a “seasoned” citizen.  You are free to be the real, authentic you.

I look forward to coaching you through this enlightening new adventure.

The Golden Rules of Retirement Readiness

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The Golden Rules of Retirement Readiness - by Kathleen Golden

Meet Your Retirement Coach

Kathleen Golden - About Your Retirement Coach

I am a Georgetown University Certified Executive Coach with over fifteen plus years of experience.  I am a life long learner.

I am insightful and a great listener with razor sharp instincts. I will help you prioritize your goals, hold you accountable and encourage you to be your best authentic self.

We will say goodbye to the gremlins that say no to every desire.

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Kathleen Golden - About Your Retirement Coach

“I found Kathleen at a time that I needed to reboot my life.”

– Curtis

“It was actually a dynamic relationship between Client and Coach.”

– Lynn

“Through the powerful questions asked of me, I started to become empowered.”

– Alison

“Kathleen showed me that every ending is a beginning and self-awareness is the key to grow.”

– Adam

Interview on "The Jerry Bovino Show" with Kathleen Golden, Retirement Babe on GrassRoots Television - 2017

Interview on The Jerry Bovino Show
with Kathleen Golden, 2017

“The Retirement Babe” on GrassRoots Television

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Credentials, Work and Hobbies


Masters in Education, Boston University
B.A. Marquette University, Loyola University, Rome, Italy
Certified Crisis Counselor, Dallas Suicide Crisis Center
Certified Corporate Image Consultant, London Image Institute
Certified Leadership Coach, Georgetown University


International Coaching Federation (ICF) – View Certificate
Association of Image Consulting International (AICI)


Dancing (I adore Argentine Tango), travel, learning languages, bridge, Zumba, and most importantly: my loving, active family.

Community Work

Greater Dallas Planning Council (Vice President)
Suicide Crisis Center, Dallas (Board Chair)
Children’s Museum, DC (Board Member)
William Wendt Center for Loss and Healing (Board Chair)
Leadership America, DC (Co-Founder)
KIPP Charter Schools (Seminar Leader)

Past Work

NYU, Ewa University (South Korea), Professional Image / Citibank, Arthur Andersen, Colorado Safety Association, KIPP DC, Friendship Charter Schools, Bloomingdales, Talbots, Nordstrom, Kiwanis.

Kathleen Golden - ICG
Kathleen Golden - KIPP DC
Kathleen Golden -AICI
Kathleen Golden - Kiwanis
Kathleen Golden - Boston University
Kathleen Golden - Loyola University
Kathleen Golden - AAS
Kathleen Golden - Ewha University
Kathleen Golden - Marquette University
Kathleen Golden - NYU

“I’m so impressed by your timeless energy, enthusiasm and talent! You really personify the advice to stay active.”

– Judy

“A great success, as you are not only the coach, you are the prime example of how to do it right!”

– Tina

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